Home Entertainment SPONSORED: ‘Pavel Trips Agboire’ The silver heart of the screens’ exclusive interview

SPONSORED: ‘Pavel Trips Agboire’ The silver heart of the screens’ exclusive interview


You could catch him on movies like the tv series slaves and freeborn,hopeless sacrifice, the script, jobless boys and many more but as the interview was about to begin I told Pavel Trips he’s one of my favourite actors, his face lit up with a smile and he simply said
“Thanks, it means a lot to me because just a few years ago I was sitting home watching my favourite actors on TV”.

He’s a down-to-Earth guy, a very self-analytical and self-demanding person who always tries to be real with people, because even though he’s in the art of make-believe he is constantly working on what it means to be a human being.

‘I’m not acting for the fame or the money, It’s always been a lifelong dream of mine as I watched the greats………..”

Q:Is Pavel Trips Agboire your real name
A:You could say that. I was born Paul Agboire but Pavel is same as Paul for eastern Europeans and in this case my mum is Russian so I simply decided to bare the Russian Equavalent of Paul. So Pavel and Paul mean same thing both ways……Trips is just a nickname my friends gave me and I liked the idea of having it added to my screen name.
Q:Do have a Tribal name
A:Of course i do. it’s Ovie but not many people know that and I’m hardly ever called that too but it’s a good name and I like it.
Q:what does it mean
A:it simply means “king”
Q: Is it true you wanted to be a footballer as a kid.
A: Yes, I even played for a club at grassroot level.
Q: Where you any good ?
A: I’d like to think so…I was very quick, so I could take the ball and dribble past two or three players as a winger. With time I outgrew that phase and decided to be an actor.
Q: Your first time acting ?
A: I did a play in church, I was like 11. At first i was shy but I remember getting into the zone.
Q: The Zone ?
A: Yeah…its a place where you go when you are 100% focused, when I’m in the zone I can play any character.
Q: Once you get a script, do you do anything special to prepare?
A: You mean like a ritual ?
Q: Yes
A: I have one native doctor I use….just kidding.
Like I said before…I get into my zone either by listening to some hiphop or generally getting a deeper feel of the story.
Q.which do you consider your best movie to date.
A. I think I’ll say “slaves n freeborn. Cus of how broad the story is. It shows slavery from the African point of view Cus slaves didn’t just sell themselves back then right. The love, deceit and death in the story too help build it up for great viewing. Also the fact that everything happens on one ranch.

Q. Where do you see urself in say 5more years.
A. At the very top of my game. I should be one of the biggest by then.
Q.What are the common challenges or problems you face in the industry.
A. I choose not to see all of that. I think my passion for the job is all that matters.
Q. Do you face sexual harassment.
A. Laughs……I’ve only read about all that. Don’t have any experiences.
Q.Do you remember your first major movie
A:Don’t think any actor can forget that. I remember being very scared back then but the director and everyone around was very encouraging
Q:Do you have people you see as rivals
A: No I don’t. That’s not the kinda frame of mind anyone should have. I agree to having competition which is good as it drives me to become even better but I’ve never thought of anyone as a direct rival
Q: And finally are you the ladies man everyone says you are
A:(laughs )Not at all. I feel like people just assume that with almost every good looking guy around but in reality it’s not always as it seems. So no I don’t consider myself a ladies man to answer your question again
He is Pavel Trips Agboire or better Paul Ovie Agboire but whatever you choose to all him he is The golden heart of the silver screens and undoubtedly one of the best young actors in the country.




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